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Day 4 - Hola!

We are getting into a routine!

Our Bloggers today are Brittany Andrews, a graduated student from the Crime Scene Investigation program, and Hailey Ramoutar, a second year Criminal Justice Degree student.



Today was our second day with the kids. Instantly the kids remembered our faces and showed the same gratitude and excitement towards us just like our first day. We are all beginning to build positive connections with the children and teachers. Even though this was only our second day in, the volunteers confidently lead activities.


One thing that stood out to us was the living conditions of the children. We noticed the steep hills and the distance from some of the houses to the school. Some of the kids voiced that they have to trek these distances to and from school alone, while their parents are at work. With no side walks or safe pathways for the children to walk, we saw their small muddy foot prints around the school grounds. This was a really eye opening experience reminding us how grateful we should all be.

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Day 3 - First Day at Placement

We're in the field!

Hola! Welcome to today's blog. It is Monday, May 6th. We are Raghav Sharma, a third-year Bachelor of Child and Youth Care student and Shuning Li, a second-year student in the Bachelor of Child and Youth Care program.

Today was a special day for all of us as it was the very first day we volunteered in the schools to work with children. This morning, we left at our assigned schools which were Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool and Santisma Virgen School. As a group, we were all both very nervous and excited. The children in both schools did not know English well, however, as a team, we worked together to deliver a good first day. In the end, the day followed with great smiles, activities and a great English lesson that was delivered by the group who volunteered and worked with the Santisma Virgen School. Volunteers who were part of the Santisma Virgen school mentioned that kids were insisting for them to stay longer and looked forward to seeing them the next day. Volunteering the first day gave us more insight into how the children at the schools are, their learning abilities and a little more about them as individuals. We look forward to the next coming day with them!
708d5ed0-706d-11e9-b205-9380cf05fc33.JPG (Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool)

In the afternoon, We went downtown and visited the churches. We learned a lot of history of the local churches and culture about Peru. We saw various styles of buildings made in the time of colonialism.

One of the churches we had visited was called Basilicia y Convento de San Francisco de Lima. Some of the things that we had learned from this church was the last dinner from the bible.

At the end of the day, we were absolutely amazed of how great the day had ended. Not only did we get to volunteer in the schools with the children, but as a group together we got to know one another better and have a great time. This trip is leading up to more adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Day Two - Learning Our Surroundings

Lots of Walking!

Today our bloggers are Jennifer Joseph, a third year Bachelor of Child and Youth Care student, and Erica Oliveira, also a third year Bachelor of Child and Youth care student.

We left this morning at around 10am for a walk down to the ocean. We stayed there for a while and enjoyed the waves.

After we left the beach, we headed to the Miraflores district for some lunch. We had a delicious lunch at Tanta in the mall, with a view of the ocean. The mall was really special because it was built right into the side of the cliff, looking onto the water.

Next, we walked back our district of Barranco to get some ice cream at Crem de la Crem which was a really refreshing snack after a long day of walking in the heat. We finished our ice cream as we walked over to the La Feria market. We looked around for a bit and bought a few souvenirs, then headed back to home base to prepare for dinner.

For dinner we had fried rice with a spicy sauce, and cucumber salad. We finished the night off by preparing for our first day of placement tomorrow!

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First Day in Peru!!

Barranco, Lima, Peru

Our bloggers today are Keegan D'Souza, a second year Criminal Justice Degree student, and Olivia Johnston, a second year Child and Youth Care Degree, student.

We arrived in Peru early this morning around 5am, and got to Monica's place safely. We quickly settled because we had to get as much rest as we could for the morning. After a brief orientation with our facilitators Lawrence and Flauvia, we had a delicious lunch of rice, chicken, and salad. After lunch we took to the streets of Barranco to explore and complete a scavenger hunt created by our facilitators. The scavenger hunt definitely helped us get familiar with the area and know our way around on our own. We are all very excited for the days to come, and the experiences that await us.
(Photo above: Our group in front of the Bridge de Equilibrium, taking in the amazing graffiti that covered the walls of the street)

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We arrived safely!

19 Humber Students and 2 Faculty touch down in Peru

Hello to all and welcome to our Humber Faculty of Community and Social Services Peru Trip Abroad blog! We will be blogging about our daily adventures so you can follow our trip and live it with us! Each day a new pair of student bloggers will let you know what we are doing and learning about.

We had a challenging trip here with a two-hour flight delay and heavy turbulence throughout the 8 hour flight. We arrived at our home base around 5 a.m. Toronto Time (4:00 a.m. Peru T). All is well and we are settling in nicely and looking forward to enjoying our first warm and sunny day here. It never rains in Lima - its a desert city on the ocean - a most amazing place. Stay tuned for our daily updates!!


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