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Day 10 - Ancient Ruins

More Learning ....

For today's blog, Camila will be taking over once again!


After our placements, we went to the Inca Ancient ruins, where we got a tour and got to see what used to be during the Inca times. We got to learn more history of the Peruvian culture and lifestyle back in the day. As well, we got to see some llamas, and guinea pigs. The llamas were pretty sassy so we couldn't pose much in front of them.


When we finished our tour, we drove 10 minutes down the street to an Inca Market, where some of us got to purchase some souvenirs for ourselves and our loved ones. The market was filled with handmade artifacts, such as handbags, sweaters, clothing, and jewellery. Overall, our day was filled with history and traditional findings and learnings.

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Day 8 - Free Time!!

A Day in the Desert

Today our bloggers are Camila Ruiz Tacha, a third year Child and Youth Care degree student, and Karina Santos Angel, a second year Police Foundations student.


On our free day, we all decided to take an early trip to Ica, 4 hours from Lima, where the desert is located. Here, we were able to ride dune buggies, which took us up and down the dunes. We also got to do sand boarding. Some of us were experts, some of us tumbled hard. It was a fun time, with lots of screaming and laughing, along with being able to capture amazing pictures of the scenery.


After the fun ride we stoped at Hotel de Claudia for lunch. As starters, some of us had chicken soup, while some of us had 'otapa,' a typical Peruvian dish. As our main course, we had fish or chicken, topped with rice and salad. To drink we tried 'chicha morada' which is purple corn juice. After being in Ica, we drove down to a Pisco winery, where we had a tour on how traditional wine was made, and got to taste a couple of wines, and pure Pisco. Overall, this was a great time, different than any experience we've all ever had!


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Day 7 - Cooking Class

We love ceviche!

Our blogger today is Annisha Bascombe, a fourth year International Development Degree student.


Today we worked at placement and made puppets with our 3-year olds and had a short puppet show. We also practiced the names of different animals and colors in Spanish and English. The students were very excited to reiterate what they learned in the class.



In the evening, Monica taught our group how to make ceviche, which is a popular South American dish that consists of seasoned raw fish, onions, corn, on a bed of lettuce, with a side of honey glazed sweet potatoes.

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Day 6 - It was a learning day!

Classes for us today.

Hola everyone! Today was a learning day for us. After placement we had a Spanish class and a visiting lecturer spoke to us about his research on gender issues and gender-based violence in Peru. There are no programs or services here although domestic violence and femicide are common. Recent attention on this issue and some government awareness and education campaigns are starting to take hold.


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Day 5 - Graffiti!

We learn about social justice art movement

Our bloggers today are Johnathan Das, a second year Community Justice Services student, and Celeste Eninas and Child and Youth Care Accelerated student.


after our lessons and a quick lunch at the home base, we went back into vans and traveled to "classes de graffiti" where we got to get a chance to try out our skills at being graffiti artists! we put our best efforts forward and made unique art pieces to display, Jonathan dedicated his piece as a tribute for his nephew's first birthday!

Afterwords we got to walk around to see all the galleries and shops in the area to see how they are building up the area and community. We look forward to many new adventures in the days to come!


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